13fngrs is a wild haired, moster loving, sticker posting, cookie eating, wheat pasting, luchador crushing, beat junkie, sunglassed superbeast from the old school. Raised on horror movies and Disneyland rides, with a penchant for the absurd and a eye for the odd.

He’s a Photoshop phenomenon, Illustrator Einstein, and a master of Mixed Media , 13fngrs has worked as an Art Director for Macy’s and Illustrated many of their national campaigns. Currently he works by day as the driving artistic force behind a cutting edge tech company, but by night… He works mashing up pop culture, fine art, monster movies, Disney characters, and anything else that is stuck inside his enormous head, into a style that is all his own.

I’m always looking for projects to keep me out of trouble, so hit me up and keep me from causing mischief in the streets.