Feb 15 2012

Show at True Love Gallery
























Just a reminder, This show is still up. See it before it’s gone!

Jan 24 2012

Birthday Gift to my Cousin

So, my cousin and I have a running joke, I tell her that her head is big. We’ll I guess that’s not a joke, let me start again… My cousin has a big head, so I wheat pasted it in Post Alley across from the world famous “Gum Wall”. If you don’t know what to get your cousin for his/her birthday, maybe you could publicly humiliate them with a crude version of themselves, it worked well for me!

Nov 18 2011

First Sculpture Ever…

















“The Key…” | 4.5″x36″x5″ | Found Objects/ Acrylic | $150

It’s not really the first sculpture ever, but the first one that I showed to an audience of more than 5 people.

Nov 1 2011

Spreading the Pieber Fever in Vegas

















So, I’m walking the Vegas strip and a stinky street hippie yells out “I want your shirt” so I took off my shirt and gave him the Fever! *Side note: his buddy got jealous and choked him out, Ahhh tattooed faced street kid, you’re the craziest!

Oct 25 2011

One (for the money) & Three (to get ready)

One (For the Money) & Three (To Get Ready) | 12×24 | Mixed Media with resign | $150
Two of the three new pieces I showed for the first show at my new gallery space; Full Circle (I forgot to take a photo of 2)

Sep 20 2011

New Mural

New Mural just got put to bed… Harvard and Pine, Bill’s Off Broadway

Sep 12 2011

Mad Magazine Show

Escape from Don Matrin’s Pants | 13×20 | Mixed Media | $49.99
This Piece was for a show at Urban Light Gallery in Seattle, the theme of the show was “Mad Magazine” this is a hybrid/jack of a great Mad Magazine artist Don Martin.

Sep 7 2011

Sweet Tooth Show in Vegas!






























“I’m ‘Gunna F@c# ‘Yo Teeth Up” | 10×20 | Mixed Media w/ Epoxy Resign

For an upcoming show titled “Sweet Tooth” at Studio 21 Tattoo in Vegas. Opening night is TBD, I’ll keep you posted

Aug 19 2011

I’m in the movies!

Jun 23 2011

Capital Hill Mural

Capital Hill Seattle

Just cause I haven’t posted a new project doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. This big guy is on Bill’s Off Broadway in the Capital neighborhood in Seattle