Feb 5 2013

Full Meal Deal

Here is a shot from my October show at True Love Gallery. This is me putting it all together to see how it holds up as a set. It held up well… So well I sold 90% of this show.

Feb 5 2013

Sleep when you’re dead

Did this piece for my October show at True Love Gallery… It sold before the show started to a real bad ass dude! The axe is real, the handle is hand notched and it’s about 3 feet high.

Jan 30 2013



This little 8×8 is going to  “ROCK THE TERMINAL 2013: TWISTED LOVE” at Art/Not Terminal Gallery  for the show on Saturday night. I have to slap a little more paint on him, but he’s getting there.

Dec 3 2012

Christmas Portrait

Every year I paint one of my friends as a White Elephant gift for our Annual X-mas Bash. This year was my buddy Nathan Pfeifer… He’s a big hunter S. Thompson fan.

Aug 17 2012

My first shot at casting

I’ve been slacking on my web updating, but I cast this sweet skull 3 months ago. I think it came out pretty cool after a crazy 12×12 background was painted, and a layer of resign was applied to the whole thing!

Nov 18 2011

First Sculpture Ever…

















“The Key…” | 4.5″x36″x5″ | Found Objects/ Acrylic | $150

It’s not really the first sculpture ever, but the first one that I showed to an audience of more than 5 people.

Nov 1 2011

Spreading the Pieber Fever in Vegas

















So, I’m walking the Vegas strip and a stinky street hippie yells out “I want your shirt” so I took off my shirt and gave him the Fever! *Side note: his buddy got jealous and choked him out, Ahhh tattooed faced street kid, you’re the craziest!

Oct 25 2011

One (for the money) & Three (to get ready)

One (For the Money) & Three (To Get Ready) | 12×24 | Mixed Media with resign | $150
Two of the three new pieces I showed for the first show at my new gallery space; Full Circle (I forgot to take a photo of 2)

Sep 7 2011

Sweet Tooth Show in Vegas!






























“I’m ‘Gunna F@c# ‘Yo Teeth Up” | 10×20 | Mixed Media w/ Epoxy Resign

For an upcoming show titled “Sweet Tooth” at Studio 21 Tattoo in Vegas. Opening night is TBD, I’ll keep you posted

Aug 19 2011

I’m in the movies!