Feb 5 2013

Full Meal Deal

Here is a shot from my October show at True Love Gallery. This is me putting it all together to see how it holds up as a set. It held up well… So well I sold 90% of this show.

Feb 5 2013

Sleep when you’re dead

Did this piece for my October show at True Love Gallery… It sold before the show started to a real bad ass dude! The axe is real, the handle is hand notched and it’s about 3 feet high.

Sep 24 2012

*SNEAK PEEK* 4 pieces for new show at True Love Gallery (10.11.12 SEA)


Here is a reflected shot of 4 pieces I will be showing at True Love Gallery on 10.11.12 with Brian Sanchez (nuggetbreath.blogspot.com) , Duffy (duffycreativemfg.tumblr.com), Starheadboy (starheadboy.blogspot.com), W3Collective (thew3collective.com)

Sep 20 2011

New Mural

New Mural just got put to bed… Harvard and Pine, Bill’s Off Broadway

Jun 23 2011

Capital Hill Mural

Capital Hill Seattle

Just cause I haven’t posted a new project doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. This big guy is on Bill’s Off Broadway in the Capital neighborhood in Seattle