Feb 5 2013

Full Meal Deal

Here is a shot from my October show at True Love Gallery. This is me putting it all together to see how it holds up as a set. It held up well… So well I sold 90% of this show.

Feb 5 2013

Sleep when you’re dead

Did this piece for my October show at True Love Gallery… It sold before the show started to a real bad ass dude! The axe is real, the handle is hand notched and it’s about 3 feet high.

Dec 3 2012

Christmas Portrait

Every year I paint one of my friends as a White Elephant gift for our Annual X-mas Bash. This year was my buddy Nathan Pfeifer… He’s a big hunter S. Thompson fan.

Sep 6 2012

We Are All Ghosts

We Are All Ghosts | 48×48 | Mixed Media | $650

Just got this shot at Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction. They killed it! now I’m ready to sell prints, up to 48×48. Also the Original is still for sale.

Nov 1 2011

Spreading the Pieber Fever in Vegas

















So, I’m walking the Vegas strip and a stinky street hippie yells out “I want your shirt” so I took off my shirt and gave him the Fever! *Side note: his buddy got jealous and choked him out, Ahhh tattooed faced street kid, you’re the craziest!

Oct 25 2011

One (for the money) & Three (to get ready)

One (For the Money) & Three (To Get Ready) | 12×24 | Mixed Media with resign | $150
Two of the three new pieces I showed for the first show at my new gallery space; Full Circle (I forgot to take a photo of 2)

Sep 20 2011

New Mural

New Mural just got put to bed… Harvard and Pine, Bill’s Off Broadway

May 19 2011

Puttin’ on the Voodoo

I wish I could put on a pair of glasses and throw hexes to the haters, until then I will dream.

May 18 2011

Keep Workin’

Designed for an oversized wheat paste in Post Alley, this will be 6″x8″, right across from the infamous “Gum Wall”. I will paste this up with a brighter background, but I got really excited to see this on a black “T”!

May 16 2011

The Last Vampire Astronaut

Jared at JthreeConcepts asked me (and 18 other artists) to do my version of his character “the Last Vampire Astronaut and the Quest for the Saturn 9-A crystals” for a Desktop Wallpaper pack available through his site. This is how she’d look in my world. I’ll keep you updated to when you can see/download all of them!