Jun 23 2011

Capital Hill Mural

Capital Hill Seattle

Just cause I haven’t posted a new project doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. This big guy is on Bill’s Off Broadway in the Capital neighborhood in Seattle

May 31 2011

Post Alley Giant

My first attempt at a huge wheat paste, came out OK. If it wasn’t for Starheadboy and Narboo, I might not have gotten it up, Thanks gentlemen!

May 19 2011

Puttin’ on the Voodoo

I wish I could put on a pair of glasses and throw hexes to the haters, until then I will dream.

May 18 2011

Keep Workin’

Designed for an oversized wheat paste in Post Alley, this will be 6″x8″, right across from the infamous “Gum Wall”. I will paste this up with a brighter background, but I got really excited to see this on a black “T”!

Apr 21 2011

By Land, By Sea, By Air

by land, by sea, by air, Sneaky Snake will be there! So be careful while walking the streets of Seattle, you may find a sneaky snake hiding in very unlikely spots!

Apr 19 2011

Here Comes Trouble!

The Hound is here, and he is not happy you ate the last Funion. You will pay for your transgression… Sucka’