Sep 24 2012

*SNEAK PEEK* 4 pieces for new show at True Love Gallery (10.11.12 SEA)


Here is a reflected shot of 4 pieces I will be showing at True Love Gallery on 10.11.12 with Brian Sanchez ( , Duffy (, Starheadboy (, W3Collective (

Nov 1 2011

Spreading the Pieber Fever in Vegas

















So, I’m walking the Vegas strip and a stinky street hippie yells out “I want your shirt” so I took off my shirt and gave him the Fever! *Side note: his buddy got jealous and choked him out, Ahhh tattooed faced street kid, you’re the craziest!

Apr 21 2011

By Land, By Sea, By Air

by land, by sea, by air, Sneaky Snake will be there! So be careful while walking the streets of Seattle, you may find a sneaky snake hiding in very unlikely spots!

Apr 19 2011

Here Comes Trouble!

The Hound is here, and he is not happy you ate the last Funion. You will pay for your transgression… Sucka’